A Single Moment Of Sincerity

Asking Alexandria

False tales lies of a washed up prom queen
WhyÂ’d you tell me everything was
fine? Everything was okay?
Get on your knees
Oh why you tore me up
No why
everythingÂ’s dead inside
Oh you couldÂ’ve told me at least I wouldÂ’ve known
you shouldÂ’ve told me and carved it in my bones
Tear out my eyes to remove the
gift of sight
Proves ever cursing still the light canÂ’t find us here
red my eyes are burning
And still you hide behind the waves
Your silence is
so haunting
Your words relentless, burying in
My heart betrays me for a last
first kiss goodbye
Fall asleep and jar one eye
Spilling every lie youÂ’ve
spilled before
But IÂ’m not forgiving you
What happened between us what can I
give to save us
Being righteous isnÂ’t quite enough
What happened between us
what can I give to save me
These oceans are far between our hearts (these
oceans are)
The breathing has got too hard
Scream with the voice of an
Lie in the name of the gospel
Smile in the face of your victims, smile
for me
This is my last request to you
Hold my breath
I was clutching on to