I Found a Way

Alkaline Trio

Stumbling through the dark with a broken heart, all alone at it once again
Seeping in like a feeling you havenÂ’t felt since way back when
In the dead of that night, like the summer of Sam
I caught word of the commotion you caused via telegram
And got all worked up, we got all worked up
I found away
Over the fear and through the flames, IÂ’m diving in
DonÂ’t follow me, stay right here IÂ’ll be back for you someday
I found away, itÂ’d be best if you just stayed
ItÂ’s not safe, donÂ’t follow me
I found away, I found away
Frozen in the lights of a locomotive, tied to the tracks again
You said you havenÂ’t felt this comatose since you canÂ’t remember when
You fly off the handle every time we sleep, straight off the deep
From the top of my lungs the truth shall be sung, sharp and damning
Violently stabbing at secrecy
That look on your face, itÂ’s more than I can take itÂ’s scaring
The living hell straight out of me