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Honey, na, na, na, na....

Hush a bye my baby soft and new
Oh, loveliness, gypsy dance in the rain
Hush a bye my baby what you do
Oh, the baby cry
The wind is a-callin your name
Oh, oh...

Where you came from you ain't alone
Live and loved from the old jaw bone
Ah, don't you cry you're home sweet home

Rock a bye sweet lady gypsy blue
Oh, the nightingale's singin' her song in the rain
Hush a bye sweet lady, soft and new
Oh, don't you cry, the wind she's a-screamin' your name
Oh, oh...

Come too soon that sunny day
You give your heart away
No divorce, io repouise

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Night In The Ruts
Album: Night In The Ruts
Gravadora: Columbia
Ano: 2011
Faixa: 9
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