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Freedom Fighter


I'm a freedom fighter
And I hear your lies
Ain't no truth in your smile
Ain't no truth in your eyes
Well, the trail you leave on the blood-soaked ground
It's stains us all and it tears us down
The guns you carry and the bombs you make
Cause too many tears, too many hearts to break

Well I'm a freedom fighter
I'm a desperate man
I aim my camera
And I take us in
Well, I'm a freedom fighter
And I'm taking aim!
A child of war, a weapon of shame
There was once a time we believed your lies
Now you can't walk the streets cause you'll never survive
That's hell to pay if you don't give us right
One man's terror is another man's freedom's fight

And I'm a freedom fighter
I'm gonna tear you apart
Yeah, I'm a freedom fighter
Yeah, I'm gonna break your heart

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Music From Another Dimension!
Album: Music From Another Dimension!
Gravadora: Columbia
Ano: 2012
Faixa: 12
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