Yeshua Syndrome

Zombie Inc.

Did you know about that Virus, which makes People go insane?
Puts A Veil above their Iris, leaves them impervious to Pain
First they come down with A Fever, which will lead to their Demise
But they won't be dead forever, from their Deathbed they shall rise


It's been stated in the Bible "Yahweh kills and makes alive" [1 Samuel 2:6]
So he wiped out his own Offspring, but Yeshua did revive
Now more than two Milleniums later, to think that this could be our Fate
We won't be facing our Creator, instead we might reanimate


Cold Fever
Suffer and Die and Arise

Their Way to walk is A Stumble, they stagger, they crawl and they tumble
With raspy Voices they mumble, from rotten Faces that crumble and fall apart!

Have you heard of that Disease, an Epidemic without cure
We realize with growing unease that Mankind not endure
There is no medical Conclusion, how corpses were led astray
We're left in A State of Confusion, why Humans are their Prey

Their Prey!

Cold Fever
Suffer and Die and Arise

Yeshua Syndrom
Yeshua Syndrom