Me & My Bitch (feat. Tory Lanez)


[Hook: Torey Lanez]
Used to have a girlfriend
Now what I got is old
Just looking for a down girl
But she was fuckin on the low

[Verse 1: YG]
Hair done, nails did, caramel complexion
Pussy stayed wet like she was mixed with Mexican
Love I invested in, Trust I invested in
So if she wasn't fucking with me I was stressing it
Wasn't no questioning, pussy was mine
Wasn't no questioning, Bonnie and Clyde
Still living in my momma house, but I let her move in
Momma thought I was tricking
But really I was just choosin', that was my bitch
I was claiming her when we was fucking
My bitch, wasn't using condoms no nothing
I was in love, she came first before my homies
Like fuck it, I'm 'bout to get your name tatted on me


[Bridge: Tory Lanez]
And that was me and my bitch
Knowin that these hoes ain't shit
Me and my bitch
Cause nigga ridin' on that Westside shit

[Verse 2: YG]
Damn, I caught the bitch cheating
Damn, she was with him last weekend
What you mean you gon' call right back?
What you mean you ain't got time like that?
She fucked the nigga I knew
Ain't really fucked with his crew
I did a song with his brother
And she fucked with him too
All that shit she was talking
She wasn't really 'bout it
And it made it even worse
When my homie told me 'bout it
I gave you your swag, told you to dress like that
I hit your spot, made you say "yes!" like that
And they ask me why I trust no bitch
Cause my ex had me feeling all embarrassed and shit

[Hook + Bridge]

[Verse 3: YG]
Now she tryna get me back tho
I had her sneakin, creepin through the back door
I was horny, I just wanted to fuck
I bust a nut in ten minutes I was in a rush
Reality, I hit it and she sad now
She pregnant, she know I coulda been a dad now
She text me like "I love you"
I text her back like "fuck you"
I looked down and looked up
Her best friend ain't shit cuz my best friend hooked em up
But she know a nigga rich now
She text me like "I'm stylin"
She just wanna be my bitch now