Bpt (Live In the Bay)


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls all the way down to the lil' ass babies. If y'all ready to have a party, say hell yeah (hell yeah), say hell yeah (hell yeah). Wait, wait wait wait, now hold the fuck up. Before I bring my nigga out, my nigga, my nigga, my mothafuckin' nigga. Y'all gotta turn the fuck up. I said if y'all ready to have a party, say hell mothafuckin' yeah (hell yeah). Standing six feet tall, weighing 160 pounds, coming live from Bompton nigga. Make some mothafuckin' noise for YG fo' hunnid

Hands up, hands up
Nigga, I'm from BPT
What? (West Side x4)
Nigga, TTP
What? (What block? x4)
What? hol' up 400, Spruce Street
(What y'all doin'? x4)
Nigga, kill off all beef
Turn up, turn up, turn up

[Verse 1]
I’m a Westside get brackin' in the back like what’s happnin'
That 40 Glock snap like Insta, ain't no need for a caption
I got put on by four niggas, wasn't need for no bandage
I did my stuff like a young nigga, that's how I'm s'posed to handle it
The homie threw a right, duck, hit him with the left, bop-bop!
Two to the chin, bop! One to the chest
One to the ribs, the haymaker didn't connect
Dropped him but didn't stomp him cause that's disrespect
That's how I got put on
Tree Top Bompton, yeah I got put on, nigga
It was hard in the hood
I was rappin', my homies sellin' hard in the hood
I know Game from cedar block, Dot from the West
That was my homie *static* that popped what's his name in his chest
Just got a call, the homies just got bust on
Niggas gotta go, we can't prolong


[Verse 2]
I was in the county with lions, most of these rappers be lyin'
Cause when I seen 'em, they be quiet, the definition of silence
That's a principal of proof, the definition of logic
That this nigga is a bitch, every chance he get he's dodgin'
I brought back this West Coast shit
And this the mothafuckin' thanks I get?
All the licks I split, from the houses I hit
They brought him more cases in jail but a nigga ain't snitch
That's how it's s'posed to go down
Held it down, didn't nobody else go down
Give you a blind date, have my bitch pick you up
Then have one of my Top members stick you up
I know Nipsey from 6-0, C-Hood from 10-4
Tiny Bone from 40 Crip, that’s my kinfolk
My whole family tried to save me but it didn't work
Momma know I've been bangin' lately, nigga