Land Of The Blind

Yard Act

Killswitch indifference to a liquid narrative
Obviously I tried writing you out of the will
I just hadn’t the guts to lie through my teeth
Though only because I’m susceptible
To the truth on the bleakest of moons

Though there is beauty in a whole truth
The knotty roots of a shameful past
Will never let it be

Each new shoot is an escape root
Loot the debris
And make no mistake we are living out our last days
In the land of the blind
Where the one eyed man was king
Until he lost his fucking mind

Baba bow
Baba bow

We cram clammy hands into empty pockets
A quick whip'round for the long suffering house band
Whilst peace treaties are breached
So we can fuck about half naked on the beaches of
Some far off foreign land

We all get a commemorative fifty pence piece each
For the peace treaties breached
And the palms greased, that are never on the ends
Of the elbows digging the graves of the recently deceased

Please have a seat
I’m going to show you all a magic trick but it’s sort of a surprise
So if you just lend me that fifty pence piece in your hand
And then close your eyes
I’m going to make me, and this fifty pence piece disappear