Big Barking (Clean Album Version)


New message Wednesday 7:52 P.M.
Man I figured your bitch ass wasn’t gonna answer this motherfucking phone nigga,
What the fuck is this bull shit nigga I see you on the street I swear to god nigga,
I’m gonna fucking murk your ass nigga,
out here with all this fucking hard shit nigga,
I don’t give a fuck where the fuck I see you at,
getting your fuckin’ funky ass hair braided or where ever the fuck you gonna be at nigga, I’m comin to see you nigga,
if I gotta see niggas fore I get to you that’s how the fuck its gonna go down nigga,
I’m putting mutherfuckers in the grave,
you need to keep a little dirt in your muthafucking pocket so you can spread the shit on yo self when its over,
I ain’t playin no muthafuckin games nigga,
this all me by my muthafuckin self,
this ain’t a mothafucking game nigga you see me nigga
I’m a army by myself nigga
I pledge a muthafuckin allegiance to me
I catch you I’m killing your ass motherfucker
show up at your mutherfucking funeral make sure its over nigga
dig you up kill you again bitch
this ain’t a motherfucking game you answer this fucking phone next time.