Welcome to My World

Wretch 32

Welcome to my world (x4)
Welcome to my wretchrospective

I'm like welcome to my world
Where no one's ahead of the rich
And every DJ said I'm the best
I'm still underground I'ma shine
I'm gonna get my legs in the steps
But the journey to success be a hell of a leap
It seems worth it but all when I ask for help
I keep working ask myself
Rap for the great shit I rap for the days in now somehow
I still got a fight for the playlist
I'm creating my writing's amazing
And everyone's waiting on a hit I get naked
I make classics my music's tragic
To live what you write that's the truest talent
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Then they telling me I shouldn't do rap
When I grew with that reggae abashment
I ain't the same as there anything clash men
I do music for the love not trying to get a reload
Squeezing in clubs
I do this for UK unplugged Coco Jazz, caps old too stuff
Run down and try to leave the whole room touched
This with a few of my songs
That's my dream if what I'm pursuing is wrong I'ma leave , I'ma leave

Welcome to my world (x4)

Look I'm like welcome to my world
In the street ain't a problem but tryin' to get sleep ain't an option
Then come my son keeps crying but I must keep writing
Every day I'm getting up before the sun be rising
Tryin' to see fun so my sun keeps shining
Parts to the drums and my mom keeps smiling
Though she ain't been the same since my grand mom died
And I've been away like I ain't had no time
World's on my shoulders, sun's in my face
Who would try to put a universe on tape
The words I'm great I'll soon be a star
I could never rally with Venus or Mars
I'm high on this road I won't stop till it's free
Under vising our self
I'm so on my grain I don't have time for a wife
I don't have time for a life
Only when I die and I smell it for a glee
'Cause religions never die I'll be sitting off in heaven
I'ma fly aye
we will not quit this is my dream
Me and Z we spent too much bees
Our music always takes money
But I tell you this for free it don't always make money
I've come this far and I've lost it I've lost
Put my chances I'm gonna pass every artist

Welcome to my world (x4)

I'm like welcome to my world when you want more from my mixtape
I'm still singing songs like an album
Why they doubt it I'ma offer that script writes
Over a B I described
The roll in the street getting inside
It felt tight ooze when I spit rhymes
It's more like a fume in a disk aye
Expose how I feel from a chris mic
Her a chose meet to the movie
I'm the road emotion's an uligy
How it goes down it's the truth I speak
They can't pay me like I do
Despite these clothes I'm missing the right tune
Jay Z's clothes but it's missing the end scene
Hug them both I deliver a friendsie
I'm rich free

Welcome to my world (x12)