Remember the Titan

Wretch 32

I worked too hard for this
I worked too hard to quit
And they said I'm the best yet
Just 'cause they heard Ed Sheeran
And Nick's year came
But I was still here, but the Wretch knew
Uh-uh, the best newcomer
Wretch true, other than three-two
None of them seemed true
And I just sing on that
And the contracts are Santa Clauses
Merry Christmas, but whenever
Is this quite the prison
But I got the gift, I am the present
So when you unwrap my CDs
You're unraveling history
And you're traveling with me
That's the hardest-working
Artist person that's hardly earning
I'm t wo CDs past deserving
And like I ought to
I'm gonna bring my family fortune
So we're past conferring
I spit sick, music's my descendent
Like Jesus Christ, I'm independent
Oh my soul, approached my goals
And learned my role
So don't approach my throne
Or there'll be hell to pay
'Cause the heat's too cheap
And expensive ways, intensive graves
I'll lyrically end your page
And that's literally meant in ways
I'm most physically meant in great
Have you ever been tired
Or ever got fired, or just
Had the strength to keep on going
If you've ever retired just keep on going
Blood still flowing, keep on going
And you'll never retire
I know it's hard, dawg, but you don't quit
No, you keep on going
Have you ever been tired, got fired
But just had the strength to keep going
You never retired, just keep on going
If your blood's still flowing, keep on going
Never retired, I know it's hard, dawg
But you don't quit, no
You keep on going, no, and
How can they say that the sea's dead
When I've had more weekdays
And two out of seven weekends
I grind, I'm great, my life's about paper
I sleep on sheets, I breathe from trees
And eat off lines, I was so in the game
I held back and left my team on the side
The dream's alive, we can do this
In our sleep, but just 'cause
Music's where the heart is
It don't mean it makes me pleased
I don't believe in make-believe
I'ma do whatever it takes
I'ma make this me, me, I'm so unique
So to speak, I make grime, so clean
So you see, I'm everything I'm
Supposed to be, supposedly
They work harder, but my son's got the right
To say that I am the worst father
'Cause I put all of my time in all of my rhymes
Each day I feel like I'm falling behind
But it's all in the mind, so daily
I write, like, four different times
My endurance is high
My performance is light
The one that can't be performed is my life
I take it all in my stride
So not one thing and I'll call it a night
There's not one thing that'll
Call this a night, sleep
Sleep is the cousin of death
And I don't have any relatives
I promise you, I swear
I do not believe in quitting
Quitting is the biggest sin, now I'm gonna
Put everything I've got into this for everyone
Who's ever supported me, I refuse
To leave or to give up, I swear
I will die the best, and I will be singing
Have you ever been tired
Or even got fired, but just had the strength
To keep on going, if you've ever retired
Just keep on going, if your
Blood's still flowing, just keep on going
You never retire, I know it's hard, dawg
But you don't quit, no, you keep going
Have you ever been tired, ever got fired
But just had the strength to keep on going
When you never retired, just keep going