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Rise (feat. Liz Suwandi)

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[Verse 1:]
This is for the ones that got it real bad
The ones who haven't seen a break in a while
The people bout to lose they mom or they dad
In a world that's always got us in denial
You ain't gotta take it all ya know
We too have seen the balance of the positive and negative
And I've wanted so bad to get even for no reason when it's just that easy now to wanna let em live
Shit I'd bring EMJ back lost em on the road and I still hate that
His kids are still at home and trying to trace back
That daddys never coming and it's time to face facts
That we can be his breathing keep his energy in each
And every season speak what he believed in
Breed this heveanly kin
And keep his music banging on the speakers all weekend
I Know what the fuck is going on
I see what the news is making you believe
They got us wanting now to follow them and all
Even when it end up forcing us to bleed
This is the way that we say we will not sit here while they bury us and leave
They program us to hate up on each other but it's easy to discover that is only they disease

Well Heaven knows
That sometimes it's just hard for us to smile
So come with me
Cause you and I
We will walk this road awhile
I've seen the lost without a cause
Redefine against the odds
Hold your head up and be strong
Cause we will rise in spite of all

[Verse 2:]
I know some people that are stuck inside they own mind
And they won't try peace unless they find somebody on time or even hear another voice up on the phone line
You ain't alone ya know we too feel the balance of the positive and negative
I been wanting just to talk witcha offer the prosperous but you acting like your
Own nemesis
I know that troubles around
And it gets tough to really know if motherfuckers
Are down
I better be getting on now this is rugged and I'll
Need a second just to set the record up on a cloud lifeless
Looking up to Leanne's likeness
I see my mom's mom looking down on us like this
And wonder if my own godless beliefs are somehow damaging the ones close to my license
Might get sticky but the facts remain
We gotta stay and keep it moving
Or collapse in pain
I'm a craft the game back up relax and claim
The new day for the people who can actually say