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Haunted (feat. Bernz)

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[Verse 1: Wrekonize]
I met her on the boulevard
She had skin that she swore to me just wouldn't scar
Said she was fly like care free
And So I told her we should link it up like sharebee
Got it connected and what I expected
It wasn't the message an now it's getting hectic
I knew that she was lying
And Underneath it all I was dying to see just what she was hiding

[Verse 2: Bernz]
Ghost hunter, rum runner, the one stunner
Met my match one kiss I lost that summer
Every now and then it make me wonder
If all the things she planned just made me lose my lover
I summoned gods inside to help the feelings reside
Say a little seance for the others on the other side
And while my homes say it's suicide
I play the Ouija everytime I'm with her just to pass time

She don't know that she's haunted
She don't Know that I see
Tells me that she sees monsters
And I pretend to agree
But she don't know that she's haunted

[Verse 3: Bernz]
I don't believe in haunted places
Only haunted people with their backs against the pavement
And it takes everything to face it
And every bone inside of me to keep from trying to say shit
She's trying to make me lose my patience
Outer exterior hiding in a lacerations
Same show different station
No matter where she go she got the demons steady chasing

[Verse 4: Wrekonize]
And rearranging every piece of the maze
And trying to keep it from changing whether or not she caves in
Baby seeing ghosts like Demi Moore
But looks them over like a kid up on a seesaw
I'm Ray Stantz trapping ghosts with my shades on
You got demons well we all can sing the same song
Underground it's been dimmer there
Linda Blair hope that u begin to hear