Floating Away


[Verse 1]
I fill my teacup with a bunch of stems and watch them heat up
This whole work week sucked, I really need to ease up
And what better way than to travel in time
Through the map and chew the fat all from the back of my mind
Sometimes it's business but most the time it's purely pleasure
Seeing things that gets ya double checking what your next to
Try to keep the dosage underneath the limit dexter
Or otherwise I'm leaving off the couch out on a stretcher
Trying not to freak out wallpaper walking
Aliens on the TV set all apes are talking
Stomach kind of nauseous can't fix with pepto
Everything is turning Easter colors time to get low
Brains gone awol I think I've lost my mind
Technicolor paintball I'm firing down the line
It's hard to know what's going on when times hard to find
My tea'll make you see what normally you never mind
And it's been a while since I took a stroll down to memory lane
I finish up my cup and stand up to see what's changed
Seems pretty familiar in this land of milk and honey
No sanity required when you in the space above me and

Everything's floating away
Nothing's like I found it
Everything's floating away
I can't stay grounded
Everything's floating away
Nothing's like I found it
Everything's floating away
Floating away, I'm floating away

[Bridge: Bernz & Wrekonize]
(Float, float, float) Get high
(Float, float, float) Get high
(Float, float, float) Get high

[Verse 2]
My brain is filled with led zeppelin and all I thinks noise
Take it to the brink I'm out of sync with Pink Floyd's
Belladonna ballerinas bouncing on my brow
I'm sitting on the porcelain the walls are melting down
I'm back out at the gathering and hanging with the clowns
Wait it looks just like my living room I must be coming down
Got an angel on my shoulder oh no wait it's Cheech Marin
Got a stripper on his lap who tells me that she speaks Italian
My ceiling fan is a demons hand that is leaking lambs
Anthony Hopkins greeting fam with a piece of spam
Ok now get a grip Wrek, you know you're tripping nuts
Don't forget about that magic drink inside your sippy cup
I Went AWOL high score on tony hawk
Flipping tripping space balls fly soaring solar rocks
I think it's bout time to come back and get bucking
I'd really like the eject button cause Wrek's buzzing



I don't know what's happening in there
Your vital sound are becoming erratic
Your heart rate is beginning to slow
I'm going to give you a shot of something
Just a small shot, it do to bring you back to normal
You do not have to worry, it's only adrenaline