Outsider Blues

Wooden Wand

Kristy finally sold a painting
So we decided to drive to the Outsider Blues fest in Toronto
We packed a couple of bags and left bright and early
Once we got outta town I put on some Mississippi Fred McDowell
Kristy said "Don't you think we'll be hearing enough blues this weekend?"
So I played Sticky Fingers and I sang along to each word of each song
Kristy drove with two fingers on the steering wheel, drummin'
I skipped "you gotta move", Kristy asked why, I said
"I thought you said no blues!"
The pills we had taken were kickin' in

I've never seen my own heart
We never see our own hearts, that's the truly weird part!
Can't asses any damage or survey the scars
But I see through the trees
Some place I've never known and I won't live to see
There's simply too many other places I gotta get to
But one day I'll quit thinking so much,
I'll quit moving around and plant a flag in this ground
That's a difference, you know, you can really feel
I guess you can't own it,
Like sometimes you get lucky with a straight flush with no wilds
Then you gotta say, "Alright fellas, come on now, let's all put away the guns"

But after darkness there's light
After darkness there's light

Outsider blues
And a parking lot shot through the pain pills and booze
Kristy kept bumping me with her hip and smiling
I might have felt like I was saved then
But I know what I feel's just one version of real
If there's one thing that cannot be taught, it's belief

Outsider blues with little to lose
Outsider blues with little to lose
Outsider blues with little to lose