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Palm Road

Wolf Parade

My baby woke from an awful dream of rotten tropics by the sea
Just up from her father's place
Cutting through some empty space
Where trash would turn to gold
Palm Road

We could see it from the shore,
The cities ragged burning core
Hole in the sky and the fish get drowned
Something moving underground
The world was ending slow
on Palm Road

Take your lover all apart
Looking for his shipwrecked heart
But his heart could not be found
Baby it just can't be found
'Cause they turned the lights down low
On Palm Road

You said it's killing me it's killing me the way we go
But as we're running over miles they turned to gold

So teach your darlings how to dance
Tell them how to make romance
And whisper things they don't know
From a thousand years ago

Something began to glow….
You said it's killing me the way we go
I saw it coming…

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