Piece of Mind 3

Witt Lowry

You love hearing me vent, this is no heat from the vent
When the rent due, you don't know what I've been through
When we can't afford lights, I write in the dark with a paper I'm putting my pen to
Try to fuck with my mental, say my potential is minimum wage
Majority die before twenty five, forty years later we're put in a grave
I'm filled up with rage
This is the torture you sent me to say, society stuck in a cage
Remembering back in the day, feeling so real when I ride while I pump Kanye but damn
Real turned into Photoshopped Kim K
Everyday when they wake up, girls cake up on yo' make up all over their face
They think its okay, they're fucking their way to the top
They see how yo' money's what they have to waste
They throw up pretending, I know when your fake
They'll never compare to those pics that you take
And this is the world that you fucking create
A world that your daughter can't even escape
So you were the one that was ????
A world in which I have been sent here to save, then yay
I think were on the same page, cause I've been jackin' off to Kim since I was in the fifth grade
You see you show us how to live, but its a fib to get payed
Now Mr. West I got a question, who are the new slaves
See what media made, the point of the game is slaved up with T.V and radio playing
I ain't pointing the blame
I ain't pointing the blame, cause it all don't hang on you
I'm a slave of the truth and that's the point that I need you to prove
Well we're safe to a label, and it's funny that labels are safer to use
So why can't you see all the power in you
Kid from your class couldn't pass but he drew, till it turned into music you're listening to
Now it changed into ????
Walked in the label like yo what a do
So give me a meal, better off make it two
Creative control in a bowl full of stew
So you can ask me and he was there with me too
Ugh, I don't like this stew I ain't signing shit
Ten writers who can barely write a hit
Compare me too, check the writer list
There are images who the industry will use as a fucking tool just to get more hits
You get it yet? I'm sick of the line
??? really is signed, making it hard for real indie art like mine
Money don't grow in a tree like pine
Lying to fans, robbing them blind, keeping them buying by keeping them blind
Airing you out it's a matter of time, stuck in a bind you can't buy time
Can't buy time, open your legs and never the mind
You're Looking for head and never resign
Well look in your fine ? mind
We only see surface ???
Placing our value in things that we buy
We stare at ? and never enough
You're so disconnected from being alive
From being alive, so disconnected from being alive
Take a look in my eyes, then in my soul and see what you find
Yeah I used to get bullied so bad I would sit in my room and I cried
Now the same mo'fucker like Mark where is the song I could buy
Now open your eyes, human but more like a virus
Greedy is spineless
Take from the earth and we fill it with violence
Take and we take we're the same as a tyrant
Never been silent
Learn what we know from a Facebook post
It's a joke now we're looking so mindless
Stupid we seem to define it
On the same boat when they think we would sink then we fight it
Love is the only thing timeless
Living an era where we value weed over love
So you can buy a drug but you can't buy love
So you can buy a bottle but you can't buy grub
So you can buy class doesn't mean you're not dumb
Most the people I know, they would rather feel numb
And so tell me when was the last time you had fun
On the day when you fucking turned up at the club
Man I'm sick of this wack shit, You're faker than Iggy Azalea's accent
If you live in the past tense, me I'm the future in everything I put to action
Once a rap god to a rapping assassin
No one has mentioned my passion
Power through tinder you're looking for action
Now at the club and you're pounding the captain
Never found passion, living in fraction
Lonely and and asking, what your life could be
Now when life gets hard you don't fight but instead you gon' light the weed
So you spend four years and you work real hard to go get a degree
Now you're working a five nine to five and you're chasing another man's dream
Most of us settle it seems, girl you're worth more than you fucking attempt for the guys
Nothing more precious than time, nothing more tragic then dying while being alive
We look at the sky, know the one day when they came ?????
Hit and deliver you often ?? and know that I gave you a piece of my, mind