The Shape Truth Takes

Witch Mountain

I don't hear you speack anymore
You're fading away
Today I was a weightless gust of easy southern air
I don't feel your heart anymore
You never could stay
I dropped the awkward chains of earthly promises
I drifted and my emptiness was blissfully aware
that all that mattered of myself was there

I thought that I knew who you were
But how could I know
Today I was a lonley rusted wreck beside the road
You're always searching for
Things you carry with you
and every life that passed by mired me deeper
I waited for the rain to pour and wash me clean and cold
or for the loving earth to take me whole
Each day I wait for some new shape to take me till I know
what is the shape that truth will take, what will it show

Waiting I graze the sky
grasping all I pass by

Fall, lose all, all falls away:When you started dreaming
I thought it would be fleeting
Was it a naive thing
Thinking we would always be

You've lost your face now
You take up no space now
You've turned around, shut down
Without a goodbye, without making a sound

I come and go and never know when I will find my way
But I will trust in life and lust to lead me day by day
Each day I wait for some new shape to take me till I am
The honesty I long to be; where I began