Wild Ones

Oh, come follow me back home
Oh Nina
It’s you that I want
Nina, oh don’t stop leading me on
Oh Nina
If you want it you got it
When you learn how to leave it alone
What creature
Allelu Alleluia I found you my Nina
Oh, it’s hard when you’re gone
You are the chosen one
Believin in a holy call, and now I feel it all
You already won, the sorry myth undone
We all know to leave it alone
So I let you go
What kind of creature
Oh, no not that my Nina
When we started out
We were hunger bound
A holy stone I’d found
Oh, I was no one
And you pulled me down
You were a golden sound
I’ll never find out how
You fooled everyone
I never see you now
Hear nothing when you yell out loud
One girl in a sold out crowd
Oh, now you’re no one