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Whitney Houston

Had a dream last night
And the world stopped turning
But your madness it kept on
Guess I wasn't too bright
And I really wasn't learning
Should have seen it all along

All those sweet, sweet kisses
And those sweet red roses
They convinced me it was you
I made you exclusive
Now it's so conclusive
That you wasn't doing it too

If you told me from the start that you'd played around
I would have been fine
Then I woulda played too and I guess
I woulda had a good time

Something didn't feel right
And I wish I knew it
I just could not see your games
I was there for you
And you put me through it
Why would you bring me so much pain

I was still there for you
Cause I did adore you
While my dogs would chew you out
Tried to be so nice
On those lonely, lonely night
But I should have figured you out


Baby you're so fine (you are the one that I love)
You are so (your love was sent from above)
You're fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine,fine

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Album: Greatest Hits (2000)
Gravadora: Arista
Ano: 2000
Faixa: 19
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