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Wheeler Brothers

Hey Heather can you hear me
Headed west when the summer set and I ended up in central Texas
The weather ain’t so bad
And the women make it worth living out here

No one seems to work
Everybody’s working on something who cares
Sit still and wait
And not get old just yet…… kind’ve feel a good one coming on

You should really come and see… Its like
Some sort of secret place where no one gets bored easily
Learn a thing or too
Or watch the walls instead

And no one needs to drive
Everyone is just happy to be hitching a ride
Sit still and wait, and not get old just yet
Kind’ve feel a good one coming on

capa do álbum Gold Boots Glitter de Wheeler Brothers
Album: Gold Boots Glitter
Gravadora: Bismeaux Records
Ano: 2013
Faixa: 3
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