I drew this map incomplete
And what I've drawn
is all from dreams and memories
Nothings to scale it's just a sheet
So you can be sure
that we will fail to some degree

Knowing so would you still believe
And take the first step
and plot more of this course with me

And I drew this map incomplete
With the high hopes
you would finish it with me

Oh here we go
Into the unknown
As our lives unfold

Oh here we go
From the beginning
And where this ends
We don't know

Please dip your pen and join with me
Let's change our latitude
And sail the seven seas
Ive got a compass rose and key
You got a smile
That will keep the grey from me

Draw me a map of your dreams
On that map do you see me
By your side or far away
Battle ships and narrow straits
Undertows and crashing waves
Through the doldrums we can make