Story Bridge

We Shot The Moon

I'm on top of the world left my worries behind
I was down in the dark when you came as a light
Now I'm living
Fell in love with this place on a brilliant afternoon
But without you by my side
I'm just a tree with a view
God I miss you

I wish you that you were here with me right now
Standing on the Story Bridge
I try to climb so high to see if I can see you on the other end
But don't let me fall I'm still learning how to crawl
Feel a million miles away from you
So I photograph the sky so you can see it from my eyes
I'm still a day ahead of you
I'm holding onto every word you say
As if this ledge might break
It's you who changed my fate
I kill time with time until it's gone
And soon I'll be headed home

But all you need to know is with you now
I tried to climb as high as I could find
To see you on the other side