How to Move On

We Shot The Moon

Advance, advance then retreat
Back to a place you thought you'd never be
You act like you're strong when everything went wrong
You're so weak, but not in defeat
So advance, advance then retreat
Back to a time
And back to those memories
Of the glorious days
Have they all washed away
You advance, advance then retreat
But tomorrow has come
You got to be someone
But the past won't let you out

How to move on
Oh when you feel so young
Ever changing
This world still has love
Oh when you know you're not done
With your story

Trade the old for the new
But the old seems to shine
Even more than it used to
Maybe it's to soon
Or maybe you refuse to believe
Your still alive

You lost all feeling
But your hearts still beating loud
Take back your reasons
And then run, run, run
You've just begun