Time to Go (Feat. Aloe Blacc) (Radio Edit)

Wax Tailor

Ask me where I am going
And I tell you Where I've Been.
Ask me who I am
And I say that I'm your friend.

Ask me what I'm doing
And I tell you I do not know.
Just to live through life
And now it's time to go.

Back When I was just a kid
I used to think the world was big.
But really it is not that big at all.
(Not at all)

For I am far away Lenting
Until I learned the truth one day.
In reality the world's quite small.
(World so small)

I sailed across the sea
To find another place to be.
Where I could live so happily
That would be the life for me.

I wanted to fly the sky so vest
In a Jetplane traveling fast.
Looking out the looking glass
Watching the clouds go past.

I've been high, I've been low.
Seems like everywhere I go.
It's a place I Could call home.
(Home sweet home)

It's in today is my shaddle
And today is a new battle.
Tomorrow I do not know the weight.

But my ticket pet beds are.
Falsing my head no turning back.
The smoke is white, the coal is black.
The engine is pushing off this track.

Ship is setting sail again.
It's just me against the wind.
Loneliness is my old friend.
Comes to visit now and then.

(Time will come for all of us
To Test That element of trust.
That upward climb feddle bus
Turns our ashes into dust. )


(Ask me what I'm doing
I tell you I do not know.
Just try to live through life
And now it's time to go