Shock Um Down

Warrior Soul

Old King cole was a merry old soul
Yes a merry old soul was he
Kick it on down, Kick in on down
Kick it Pelham 1, 2, 3

No one gets out, No one gets out
No one gets out of here
All you got, all you got
All you got is what you hear

AH, Shock Um Down

Walk this way, Walk this way
And I'll tell ya what ya got now.
Got the torch, Got Downtown
And the man with the one eyeball.

You got Shee-a, You got Shee-a
And I'm coming' for you today.
Now I'm here, Now I'm here
Chill Pill is what I play

AH, Shock Um Down


Balls in the world, Balls in the world
Balls in the world today.
I've got food, I got booze
And I got the money that can pay

Livin' in this country, Livin' in this country
This is fucking' where it's at
Got the guns, got the bombs
And we're good enough to kick your ass.

AH, Shock Um Down