Planetary Revolution

Warrior Soul

Planetary revolution [4x]
Extraordinary, unsanitary
Motherfuckin revolution

It's about time to start disturbing the peace
Do you wanna take a ride with me
Well come on
Drop us off at the police station
It's the new occupy location
We're gonna have a riot vacation today

Unsanitary, revolutionary
Planetary motherfuckin revolution

We're gonna fight you
Find you
Fight you [3x]

The whole world is falling to pieces
The controllers are controlling the leases
As your bank account decreases today
Time to level out the playing field
Destroy the enemies of the people
It's time for some heads to roll
This time we'll know how it will go
Enjoy the show
It's a planetary revolution

We're gonna fight you
We're gonna find you
We're gonna fight you

It's a revolutionary
Motherfuckin revolution