I Want Some

Warrior Soul

You think ya know but you don't know
Where I'm goin' , Man I don't care
Life's a bitch, and I'm sick of it
The arm is out, and I'm gonna hit

Drivin' out on the country road
I'm blowin' out the rotten sky
To the horror of my company
I must pretend that I cannot cry

Oh, Woe Woe Woe

The wretched crime of the pissing show
To preach to those who don't understand
A gorgeous view for the privileged few
The sacred life attained by someone else

Oh, Woe Woe Woe

I Want Some
Want Something
I Want Some

The modern chrome and steel gaze
Like a gale blowin' mighty in
Across town in the morning haze
These lines of age forever will remain

Eternal fault killed prisoner
Place blaze like rocket hot

Toil screams like the evening daze
Come and see how the culture rots

I Want Some
Want Something
I Want Some

Captured brain of the stupid game
Attacking thoughts for the pleasures dream
Melting Multitudes in Famines Fame
Imagine life for us outside the gates

I Want Some