I Wanna Get Some

Warrior Soul

You wanna fire to the southern market
Gonna press into the sky, you wanna get scum
You can`t do better them me
`Cos I`m comin` on down the line of reaction
You`re down man, but never die
You`re just kickin` for a chance to fly
The super culture
They say Rome wasn`t built in a day
But you`re never gonna find the truth
Until you try girl

Don`t follow - misinformation
Don`t borrow
Get set for you to run
I wanna get some
I wanna get some modern lovin`
Don`t follow - annihilation
Don?t bother

I live like an insane dog
A pressin` hard luck out to the limit
Kiss off
You`d sell out for a nickel and leave your friends
Crawling out of the senses
Blast off
Death scenes face before my eyes
I`m on the speed ride, shockin` the torture
No love
Target for the blazing sun
If I figure I can make a profit
Right on
Don`t bother
(C`mon baby, yeah, give it to me)
The undertaker
(I need your lovin` in the land of the free)
You wonder
(I`m going crazy yeah addicted to love
Get set the games begin

I wanna get some
I wanna get some modern lovin`