Puke My Brains Out


I wanna puke my brains out...

Bases loaded, I'm up to bat
Based and loaded, imagine that
Still up and coming, haven't came yet
Cus I'm a zombie, brain dead

Take adderall to study
Adderall to party, pharmaceuti-call me
Puke my proverbial brains out, zombie
Captain and cola tsunami in Bali

Nope! I'm in my apartmente
No AC, muy caliente
Late on rent-e, but always on time
I got 5 on it: high five!

I wanna puke my brains out

Na na na na
Puke my brains out

Man I can't think straight
Gotta get my brains outside of my face
Like white girls on Cinco de Mayo
College girls on day after finals

If you wanna wanna party, party
If you wanna wanna feel your heartbeat
Get your guts out, on the outside
Touch your tonsils and open up wide

I wanna puke my brains out

Na na na na
Puke my brains out

Ass up brains down
Hold your hair back and listen to the sound
Broke boys, geek squad
On your knees just praying to God

Prescription addiction to internet porn
Generation of the living dead trying a get born out the
Inbox vagina, the zombie inside ya
Clawing at the walls of your stomach in light of the
Stimulation overload, boring boring boring boring
Filled up on soda, and sunblock, and chlorine
Cus life is a race, it's a fight to the death
So drop it to the floor, touch your tonsils and clear your head!

Na na na na
Puke my brains out

So I can hear my heart beat