We're Back

Voodoo Glow Skulls

Now that the whole third wave is gone
It's time for us to carry on
We took a break and stayed away
Now we've got a lot of things to say

Don't give a fuck about your scene
Because everyone already thinks we're mean
We'll take the credit and wear the shoes
For starting shit back in 92'

We're back, back and on the attack

We've talked the talk and walked the walk
Set the pace for 'Metalliska'
Mock us, mock us, if you can
Because we don't play like other bands

We like our fans to be nice and clean
Underage and about sixteen
All you burn outs stay away
Tell your mom I'm running late

You'd better be prepared for judgment day
We know where you'll be found
You'd better be prepared for judgment day
Because it's starting now

We stake our claim and claim no fame
We think skacore's pretty lame
Someone make it go away
Let's not mention any names

Wanna hear our final thought?
We think all all of you should get shot
And if you think we're really playing?
We'll introduce you to our friend Wayne