friday, we're bored because there's no place to play
the promoters are fucked because we can't draw a crowd
practice all week to play in my living room
gigging once a month where no one likes what you do
i'm drivin' down magnolia
i see it's like a shrine
drive up to the window, i won't waste any more time
grab for the key, the key to the future
pass out the fliers and clear the furniture
we'll invite the manager if he don't pull the plug
set up the equipment and the band
we'll cut the rug if the cops come
there's got to be a place
that's suited right for us
that has no tight wad owner
who pays us 15 bucks
i wanna kick him in the butt...
motel six...
room 29
motel six...
fun all the time
motel six...
keep the money to ourselves
motel six