Voodoo Glow Skulls

Comes in late for work
Always late for life.
Everyday's a struggle
Every night's a fight.
It's 3 am,
Where have you been?
Just keep your head together
Even though it's wearing thin.

You make a pit stop
At the bar every night.
Familiar faces and the
Bartender listens to your plight.
Placed all your bets
On this life you call your own.
Here's looking at ya kid,
The dealer's laughing at you.

You can't hit pause
The cycle doesn't stop.
It just keeps coming at you
Until you think you're gonna drop.
What's the secret clause
It's driven us insane.
Won't hold my breath
It's day to day.

You see some people
With their functionality.
What do they know?
How do they see?
Come stop livin'
And throw it all away.
Can't stop the pressure cooker
From blowin' them away.


Too much work
It keeps him up at night.
They go to school
And the kids aren't alright.
Mom sits at home
With depression everyday.
Because its meant to be
Or did you make it that way.

Who's got the answer
Because I'm struggling today.
A life with indecision
And no time for delay.
And so for the ones
who ain't alright.
Cheers to you
Don't go down without a fight.