Brodie Johnson Weekend

Voodoo Glow Skulls

hey!!!'s time to dance with danger
hey!!!...put on your best wrinkled suit.
it's time to set the night on fire
the night is looking young and so am I
hey!!!...we're going to defy the law
hey!!!...going to paint this time tonight
I've got all the special motions
that make all the willing pretty ladies wild
no, won't take that for an answer
no, I can't wait all night for you
hey!!!....out on the crowed dance floor
hey!!!...I'm always on cloud 9
no one wants to step to this muchacho
some call me the bastard's son
hey!!!...let's crash my big black caddy
hey!!!...let's drive thru your backyard
I've got the pedal to the medal
don't give me attitude cuz I was born to be wild