I've looked right past the simple things
What have my eyes missed?
Stuck in a space where nothing seems to fit
You live a myth, obsessed with it.. quiet as the sound
I'm always asking what it means
and now I can't stop twisting round and round

I've grown into this myth with you..

I can't stop twisting around this story line,
Distorting my insides
I won't forget I'm dreanched in it
Cause I can't stop twisting around this story line,
Tangled words were never mine,
I won't forget, I'm lost in it
Slowly bending backwards till my days beacome misshaped
You deftly sway my thoughts with your fictitious ways
Nothing in me works the same! you've got a lot to explain!
Still I'm asking and still I can't stop twisting..

Knots and crosses
I fold in two
With this road we take, I've lost everything, especially me..
You've lost everything, espeacially me..
You bite my tongue, now I believe