Since that clocks first tick... a dark hue and fear driven (lives)... It's only real till it ends. As the stars fall on our hands, call the wind the thief for stealing their prayers.
Look at us shake the sky. Pulling the whites from my eyes... and as the hands are spinning, they're waving you goodbye. Test for more is what you're striving for. As we sleep we walk.
Can't wake... can't awake the ones who live this life (not on our own) because people are the same (we are the same) Only habits change. But your starry eyes... No, they don't tell me a thing (starring over heavy heads.)
I swear, I felt you crawling under my skin...I swear, oh I swear. Towers won't fit our view. Forget the man in the mountains follows you. He follows you... But your starry eyes... No, they don't mean a thing.
As we sleep we walk.