fotos de U.D.O.


Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock, Pop, Metal



One-Way System – No Resistance
Contacts Dead And Dry
Reconnected – Open Ended
All The Circuits Blown And Fried

Start The Engine – Re-Invent It
Segregate The Lines
Consecrate It – De-Construct It
All Is Artificialized

Human Masses – All Declassified
Desercration – Pure Blood All Denied

Artificialized – Keep The Nation Clean
Re-Dehumanized – Unnatural Machine
Artificialized – Glory Everywhere
Re-Dequalified – Power’s In The Air

De-Restricted – Re-Conflicted
Integrated Signs
Disengage The Public Warnings

Unaccepted Human Breedings
Coded And Denied
Factor Out The Live Components
Back To The Assembly Line
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