Paranoid (Feat. B.o.B)

Ty Dolla $ign

I see two of my bitches in the club
And I know they know about each other
I think these bitches tryna set me up
Maybe I’m just paranoid

[Verse 1: Ty Dolla $ign]
I got a bad light skin from the valley
She be in the club with no panties
Little bitch, she used to be my favorite
But now we don’t speak the same language
I love my bitch, I could bang it
From my dark skin, least know how to take it
I got em both the same damn red bottoms
And bought 'em both the same damn fragrance
Both bitches drive Range Rovers
None of my bitches can stay over
Both of my bitches look good as fuck
Your bitch look like booga wolf


[Bridge: Ty Dolla $ign]
Yeah, I’m paranoid, I’m trippin'
I’ve been smoking, I’ve been sippin'
I’m fuckin' around with two bitches
But I never made them hoes my miss's

[Verse 2: Joe Moses]
I got a Spanish bitch, her name Miha
See all my bitches is bad, I’m not T.I
Ain’t no Tiny’s around me, uh uh bitch
The only thing I got is a long dick
Two of my women conceited, like Mike I beat it
No Bud I Beat it I get ‘em higher then Jesus
And when I pull out that penis, she like "woah!"
She got a truckfull of ass I gotta tow
See all my niggas is ballin', we got dough
I got a car full of bitches, see I’m a pro
See it be two for me, I'mma pass the rest
Soon as they pass the test I put dick on they breast
I came on their chest, ain’t no cuff when we fuckin
If the muffin be bluffin I get to actin’ like Ruffin
I’m like nights like this I wish
That my bitch would call, huh


compositores: Clarence Montgomery III, Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., Tyrone William Griffin Jr., Dijon Isaiah Mcfarlane