I gave myself to the city
I wanna breathe dirty air
I got myself real pretty
I fixed up my hair
When the dancehall’s set to break
I’m gonna lead with the best I know
When that anchor takes its shape
I will be leaving the best in show

Give me the time
I’ll give you plenty of mine
Give me something to burn
I’m tired of waiting my turn
I’ll give you fire
Fire, fire, fire
Smokin’, broken windows
Anything you want to try

The sky in fallin’
So pull up a chair
Everyone’s watchin’
Like nobody cares
The queen of fashion
Ahead of her time
Whatever happens
The pleasure is mine

I’m pickin’ up the pieces of that stained-glass pane
And as my speed increases
I strip off my shame
Slip the hook right off the bait
I’m a machine runnin’ self control
Got a tongue that doesn’t quite translate
Lickin’ somebody else’s bowl

Give me the vine
And I’ll give you the wine
Bring anything that will burn
And you’ll get fire in return
We’ll start a fire
Fire, fire, fire
Blazin’, raisin’ hell
Well now
Anything to catch your eye