I Won't Steal Away

Time Bandits

When the wind pushes too hard
And you can't hold the line
I'll be standing right beside you, yes I will
When the night touches a nerve
And you're tender to the touch
I will whisper all my kisses, yes I will
Looking at me with the eyes of pain
All our past comes back...

'Cause I won't steal away
I'm keeping my love around
No I won't steal away
Into the dark and out of the light
I won't steal away...

Now when the rain washes you on
Like a heartache you thought was gone
I will face the heartache with you, yes I will
Looking at me with the eyes of pain
Oh oh oh oh oh...

Hard to believe that I'm back again
Out of the dark and into the light
I hear voices again, shadows talkin'
They say I'm a fool for the night
Fuel for the fire, strangers in red
Srangers in black and white
Wanna make love to a fool for the nighr...

compositores: D. Hartman,C. Midnight