OG Bobby Johnson (Remix)


Ok, we started catching felonies in Bankhead
Riding through the hood in a hot box
In '96, in the hood, had a trap house
Every day cruise through the city, crack rock
Got a pistol in my pocket and a bankroll
Everybody try me, I don't let the thing go, bust it
I put a whole crew where you can't go, cousin
Homie don't like it but he can't do nothing
Came through busting, I respect that
You violate a mandatory nigga, break that
Walk up, pull out a Smith and Wesson, push it real bad
Now the undercover people left for dead
They came with the OG's hanging, OZ's slanging
Styrofoam, double cup, codeine drinking
You run up 44 B banking, meet you at the crossroad where they don't be singing