I Go Hard (feat. Kat)


[Hook – Kat:]
I go hard
See me running down the electric boulevard
Get up out of my face before the problem starts
If you want to act tough then meet me in the yard
Cause I go hard

[Verse 1 – T.I.:]
Talk to em, concrete salad
Please don’t confuse me with a wannabe, shawty
I’m a dope boy, remember me from 100 street probably
With a chopper in the ‘partment, get your wannabe bodied
Gotta angry mob at your front door
Commandin' 360 O's at the condo
Put all the jewelry in the back with the bankroll
Or else your momma gon' be mourning like Alonzo
Then I be stuck in county, now [?] fucking fine bout it
He was 17 years old thugging
Shoot, I said who we, we don’t [?]
DJ Cannon blamming in the middle of the street
Come on


[Verse 2 – T.I.:]
Ay, this concrete salad
Trap certified, shawty ask somebody
Hold up, there go, that sucker shit been running with it
Oh you winning fights? I’m used to winning war, come on with it
Yeah, ay, keep playing round with it
Throw you down and I stand up to the [?] with the gun, I did it
Look, and I ain’t bullshitting
Only one thing I require from a man
Respect when I look in the eyes of a man
And your words just as good as the lies of a man
Man, you violationg, demonstration gon be mando
Guns like Amanda, take it far as it can go


[Verse 3 – T.I.:]
Ok, if you ain’t heard, me and concrete salad
Best believe we are [?] under these niggas, try me
Keep it cool in the field when the shot fly by me like
Nigga stand still, five shots, I got it
Lights out, watch it go from a dot to the red spread
And he slumped over, all [?] now
Ay ask him what he think about it now
Ay never mind, I don’t want to talk about it now
Well, [?] again talk about it, how he out of here
Big shawty when he be talking to molly now
[?], get pound, 65 hundred if I drive to your town
Now cash, I’m the man when I ride through your town
Or I ride till I die on all the guys in your town
Now, will you pardon me
But you pussy ass niggas ain’t hard to me, c’mon

[Hook x2]