I'm Here Again

Thelma Houston

I'm here again
I can't make it in love
I don't know why,
But I'm here again

And wouldn't you think
That I'd get enough love
But here I am
Standing at your door again,
Asking you for more love

Ooh baby

I've memorized the path that leads to you
With blinded eyes
I'd find a way to get through
And you know that it's true

Oh baby, I try to tell myself that this is wrong
I try to fight the need but it's too strong
I need a love like yours to carry on
Ohh help baby

I'm here again, I let you half in love
You're reason why, so I'm here again
Now say what you will
I'm just weak for the thrill love
I can't wait until I have it back
All I ask is you give me your love, your love

Chorus x2

Musical interlude

Here I am baby x2
If there's an obstacle, I'll go around
If there's a mountain, I'll go underground
Baby, I'm here

I can't stay away baby, because I need your love