Partners In Crime

The Strokes

I forgot your jacket outdoors
Day's been something
See if I care
One; it's not okayish day, just so [?]
But yes, if you insist

Oh, alright, I know where tonight

Hey there, how goes it?
Any time they're closing? [?]
Might need a lawyer
Let's all be honest
Where there's a forest
We don't belong

Pleased to get who's standing around [?]
Life forgives you when you rebound
Why aren't we leaving town right now?

Oh, alright, I know where tonight
I'm on the guestlist
We got the door, but
Can't seem to find it
Pants on a tiger
Winter is white and
I won't be here buzzing [?]

Oh well
Oh well
Oh well, leaving your tears alone
Run down your face
And escapes

Hey there, how goes it?
Any time they’re closing
You’ll need a lawyer
Let’s all be honest
We’re in a forest
We don’t belong
I’m on the guestlist
No need to welcome
Can’t seem to find it
March to the war drum
Tigers have pants on
We have no gun
Thank you for staying
What are you saying?
I won’t forget