Shyann Weeps

The Plot In You

Her face was so mangled
It didn't even look human anymore
I stood and watched her drown
In her own blood
And I'm, and I'm hoping if there's a hell
That that's exactly where she is
Right fucking now

(I can't get this out of my head)

The dream was so vivid
Trapped inside my own mind
I'm thinking thoughts that make it hard
To fall asleep at night
I'm obsessed
I'm anticipating the sounds
That she could make

Every voice goes silent
In the back of my head
I feel a void pumping through my veins
(Through my veins)
So inhumane I could never speak

I can't believe
That you've managed to slide through
Breeding, deceiving the ones that you love
You make me fucking sick
And I will not let you spread your disease
To the rest of the world

All the ones you thought you knew
Turn against you
Turned their backs and let you drown
Just waiting on the demons now
I just keep waiting, hoping, obsessing

I just can't get you out of my fucking head
I hope you're waiting for me
I hope you know that I'll never stop pushing

Fuck you
Fuck your family
Fuck any of your friends
And fuck your dumb tattoos
Fuck you

I will never stop
I'll never let go of this
I'll keep your name in my mouth
Till the day that I die

Till the day that I die