The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice (Mayfair Studios, New York, July 19, 20, 1967)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

The stars up above that play with laughing sam's dice
They make us feel the world was made for us
The zodiac glass that gleams come through the skies
It will happen soon, for you

And away we go yeah
Thank you very much for coming thank you very much
And now we would like to bring to you our
One and only friendly neighbourhood experience maker
Right now listen thank you very much
The milky way express is loaded, all aboard
I promise each and every one of you you won't be bored
Now this pastime gets everybody honest and straight
What I'm really singing about
Is my grandmas pair of butterfly roller skates
Thank you, thank you

Now watch the ride

Uh, I meant to say that there'll be no
Yhrowing cigarette butts out the window
No throwing cigarette butts out the window, thank you
I hope all of you brought your toothbrush
Now to the right you will see Saturn
Outta sight, really outta sight
And if you look to the left you'll see Mars
Yeah, OK. Yeah, OK.
I hope your brought your parachute with you
Hey! Hey, look out! Look out for that door!
Don't open that door! Don't open that door!
(Ah, man!) That's the way it goes
And now we're coming through the Milky Way section, yeah
Bring your cornflakes and stuff like that, Milky Way
Yeah, everything is all right, outta sight
If you look around you, you will see a few minds being blown
It's happening, it's happening
Yeah! I hope you enjoy your ride; I am!