Gloria (TTG Studios, Hollywood, CA, October 29, 1968)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Well she come around here
Just about midnight
Lord, she make me feel so good
She make me feel alright

And she spell her name G-L-O-R-IIIIII-A, G-L-O-R-I-A
And that spells, that spells uh Gloria
I said uh Gloria
Yeah yeah

Now she come around to my house
Just about midnight
And uh she walks up to my street
And knocks on my door
She come up my stairs, now, can you dig it
And knock on my one more time door again
She comes across my room
And I'm layin' up there sleeping
She kiss me on my belly
She make me feel like plum jelly

And said our uh, hey baby
Hey hey hey hey baby
Whoa baby
I come to, come to make love to you
And I say uh, "hey girl what's your name?"
Said "that don't make no difference anyway
Well in the meantime, while I play to you
you can call me Gloria
Gloria now, Gloria, Gloria
And she make me feel so good
Whoa and it feel so good baby
Ohh make it feel so good, ha
Make me lose my voice
yeah... it's alright baby
Hey baby

And I called her, I say woo-ee, yeah
Yeah, you sure make me feel good, baby
I'm sure some of y'all out there got some girls name Gloria
Like Mitch Mitchell has one name Gloria
And I seen it all happen
You know, we was at a scene one night
And I seen this little boog-a-bear come around
She look like a draggin' in her carlisle
Her hair was like, that long
But anyway I see her walk up the stair
Walk up to his room and she said
"Hey baby, I think my job is to make love to you"
And he played his drums...
Yeah, yeah
A ha ha ha, you see, ah I gotta explain this to you
He didn't know she was coming, all right

Noel Redding also got a girl name Gloria
She looks something like an alley bad boy, ain't nothin' wrong with that
One time Noel was playing with himself
And she come knockin' on his door
And little Noel gonna take a solo on the bass, then
Showing that he appreciates her love
Even though she did look like home made sin
And her breath smelt like wet pussy
And while all that was happening
I looked out the window
And here comes the man with all the groovy grass
And here we are freakin' out man
You know we be gettin' into somethin' good
And we layin' back, freaking and smoking and joking
All a sudden, I hear the man coming
The man the cops they came in, oh, Lord, have mercy

I said hey Gloria
I think it's time to get the hell outta here
I said Gloria get off my chest
It's time to get outta here
I'm talking about G-L-O-R-IIIIII-A, G-L-O-R-I-A. G-L-O-R-I-A
Yeah yeah, make me feel so good
yeah, make me feel so good, baby
I'm talking about talkin' about, talkin' about, talkin' about Gloria!