Catfish Blues (Live at the Olympia Theater, Paris, France, October 19, 1967)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Well I wish, I was a catfish
Swimin' in the, the deep blue sea
I have all you pretty women, fishin' after me
Fishin' after me, fishin' after me
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Well I went down to my girlfriends house
And I sat alone on her front step
And she said a, "Come in outcha man
My husband is not there, he just now left"
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Well there's two, two trains runnin'
But there's not a one that's goin' my way
You know there's a, one train running at midnight
The other one leave just for day, leave just for day
Oh well, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah