Birdmad Girl

The Cure

This girl has got a smile
that can make me cry
this girl just burns with love
she's burning burning deep inside

night time night time
sets my house on fire
i'll turn into the melting man
i'll lose my life
to feel i feel desire

oh i should feel
like a polar bear...
it's impossible

she flies outside this cage
singing girlmad words
i keep her dark thoughts deep inside
as black as stone
and mad as birds

wild wild wild
and never turn away
sends me all her love
she sends me everything
she sends me everywhere

oh i could be
a polar bear...
but it's impossible

i try to talk
the sky goes red
i forget
so fill in my head
with some of this
some of that
some of every word she says

oh i should be
a polar bear...
but it's impossible