Breath of the Pit


700 bodies, down there in the hole
And the dictator denies that they're there at all
Buried alive, hands behind their backs
And what's left, from the machete attacks
The global faction's reactions are slow
Unless extracting oil from below
Yes, they're starving, but they don't know
And does the world care
No use appealing for help from the West
The banks are dealing the cards they love best
Fiscal bleeding, with massive interest
Breath of the Pit
Multi-nationals steal diamonds and gold
The slaves of corruption have souls to be sold
As the dictator loses control
He leads a freighter with army pay-roll
Where can he hide the billions he stole
Saudi Arabis out of Africa, take what you can
And let China infest all the land
With bags of Yuan that burns in their hands
Breath of the Pit